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/ February 20, 2024

Landmark Verdict: E. Jean Carroll Wins $83.3 Million Against Former President Donald Trump

Barrett Brewer of the Brewer Law Firm recently shared his insights on the monumental defamation lawsuit victory of E. Jean Carroll against former president Donald Trump. The verdict has been a significant topic in legal circles due to its ramifications on reputation and character.

Carroll, a well-known writer, was awarded $83.3 million in damages – a verdict that includes $11 million for reputational damages, $7.3 million for her personal distress, including embarrassment and humiliation, and a staggering $65 million in punitive damages. This landmark decision sends a clear message about the severity and consequences of defamation.

The recent verdict is in addition to the initial $5 million verdict from May 2023. The substantial increase in punitive damages, from $20,000 in the first case to $65 million in the latest, signifies the jury’s intent to send a strong message. The punitive judgment reflects the continued defamation by the former president against Carroll during the trial and even as recently as his campaign in New Hampshire.

Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s attorney, made a compelling argument during her closing statements. She questioned the amount it would take for a wealthy individual like Donald Trump to cease defaming her client. It appears, according to the jury’s decision, that the figure stands at $65 million.

This case represents a significant victory not just for Carroll, but for anyone who may be the victim of defamation.

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