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Brewer Law Firm, LLC, a boutique trial and litigation practice designed to give individuals, professionals, and small and mid-sized businesses the firepower to fight big companies and the army of lawyers they hire to deprive you of your rights. 

Creative solutions for complex litigation is the cornerstone of Brewer Law Firm’s philosophy for resolving your business disputes, defamation claims, or serious personal injury losses. We handle cases requiring both extensive civil litigation and trial experience, while using creative legal strategy and courtroom technology, to give you the advantage. Our depth of experience in court and before juries, as well our cost-effective approach, allow you the flexibility of resolving a case on your terms, without costs and legal fees being a barrier to getting in front of a jury.

Throughout his career, Barrett saw a gap in our state’s access to legal representation. Small Businesses and professionals fighting bigger companies couldn’t afford the huge legal fees associated with big law firms, forcing them to resolve their legal disputes on unfavorable terms. Individuals with serious personal injury claims were forced to settle their cases for less than they were worth, because they couldn’t find enough board certified trial attorneys with, both, the past experience of how insurance companies value claims, and the capacity to legitimately take the case to trial.

In order to increase our clients’ access to experienced trial attorneys, Brewer Law Firm frequently agrees to engage clients in Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFA’s), in order for the law firm to shoulder more of the risk loss and recovery.

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