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Barrett has obtained millions of dollars of settlements, judgments, and verdicts for his clients.  Examples of noteworthy plaintiffs cases:

1. Minority partnership dispute, where client received no payment for his shares, but was squeezed out when his partners tried to shut the company down to take the assets, resulted in $650,000.00 settlement for client.

2. Serious Brain Injury, resulting in complete incapacitation, when client, a bicyclist was sideswiped by an oncoming motor vehicle.  Client obtained total settlement of $1.7 million, due to liability of corporate defendant, despite only $200,000 in available automobile coverage.

3. $75,000 settlement for legal malpractice/business dispute, where widowed client was defrauded of her deceased husband’s law firm assets, when the deceased attorney’s partner converted the firm’s assets without compensating the estate for the same.

4. $850,000 verdict in defamation case in favor of local politician falsely accused of involvement in a “ponzi scheme”.

5. $4.5 million verdict for lender falsely accused of defrauding its clients in a commercial development.

6. $100,000 settlement for driver of 18 wheeler, rear-ended by second 18 wheeler that fell asleep at the wheel, resulting in knee surgery and lost wages.

Barrett has also successfully defended many clients over the years. Examples of noteworthy defense cases:

7. After a week long trial, Barrett successfully obtained a defense verdict in favor of a resort developer and prime contractor accused of trespass, destruction of property, invasion of privacy, and similar claims by an adjacent land-owner.

8. After two temp workers were buried alive at a concrete manufacturing plant cave-in, Barrett obtained a dismissal of the case at a Motion to Dismiss, arguing the client benefitted from Workers Compensation Exclusivity immunity, and the successfully defended the case at both the South Carolina Court of Appeals and the South Carolina Supreme Court, making significant law in the process. Poch v. Bayshore Concrete, 386 S.C. 13, 86 S.E.2d 689 (S.C. App. 2009).

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