$2.5 Million Settlement

/ May 30, 2023

Brewer Law Firm, LLC Secure $2.5 Million Settlement in Defamation Case

Barrett R. Brewer of Brewer Law Firm, LLC, and Edward L. Phipps of Phipps Firm, LLC, have successfully obtained a $2.5 million settlement in a defamation case brought by a plaintiff company and individual against a defendant competitor company in South Carolina.

The plaintiff alleged that the defendant competitor published false allegations claiming that the plaintiff was engaged in criminal conduct and was unfit for their occupation. These claims resulted in damage to the plaintiff’s reputation and character, as well as the loss of value and business in the industry. The plaintiff was supported by business valuation experts who provided evidence to support their claims.

As per the terms of the settlement agreement, the identities of the parties, other counsel involved, and the specific venue were agreed to be confidential.

This successful outcome demonstrates the expertise and dedication of Brewer Law Firm, LLC, and Phipps Firm, LLC, in protecting their clients’ interests in high-stake legal disputes. Their commitment to securing justice and compensation for their clients is evident in the significant settlement achieved in this defamation case.

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